Why noobhaxor? Well, it’s kinda two-fold. First, I try to keep the mentality of a noob in the world of teh cybers/infosec. Partially because it’s such a huge subject that it’s tough to be an “expert,” and partially because that mentality helps keep me hungry, wanting to learn new things and re-learn old things that I’ve forgotten. So, I’m a noob at haxoring.

Second, because I’ve started to do some teaching. I’ve also been working on some outreach, teaching some of the cybers to high school students. So, I’m haxoring the noobs.

Why this blog? Not really sure about that one. I’m hurting for time as it is between work, family, teaching, outreach, and trying to keep up with my skills. So why not add on to the pile, right? Hopefully this will be a place that I can point others to when in need of some ideas or links to others who may have some expertise that might be helpful.

I’ll also probably be writing about the outreach and volunteer work that I’ve been doing since, well, I think it’s pretty important, and it’s just starting to take off.

So that’s about it as far as an intro goes. Feel free to reach out to me here or on the twitters at @n00b_haxor